The Team

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Management Team:

Programme Lead:
Phoebe Kottler

Secretary & Events
Co-ordinator Hull
Sobika Selvakumar


Governance and Development Team:

Co-Founder: Abilius "AB" Wong

Abilius Wong

Dr Albert Myerscough

Dr Simon Toppham

Dr Simon Toppham

Dr David Hepburn

Dr David Hepburn

Responder Team:

Responder Lead:
Dani Hill

Responder Coordinator Hull:
Maddie Greaves

Responder Coordinator York:
Shraddha Burway

Academic Team:

Academic Forum Lead:
Toby Mellor

Academic Forum Co-ordinator Hull:
Charlotte Clark

Academic Forum Co-ordinator York:
Chandini Parsan Chand

HeartStart Team:

HeartStart Lead: Vassili Crispi

HeartStart Coordinator York: Annabel Heybourne

HeartStart Coordinator Hull: Nilesh Tirbhowan

Site Admin & Technical Support:

Site Admin & Technical Support:
Jack Hughes


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