Programme Lead

As Lead, I work with everyone else on the committee to ensure the programme and all its various endeavours run smoothly, including Academic Forums, Community First Responder scheme and the HeartStart Programme. I also work closely with the Programme development team, Governance team and the Clinical faculty, to ensure all our aims are met and the programme continues to evolve. The Programme Lead represents HYMS PCP at national events and as part of other student associations, and liaise with organisations that contribute to the Pre-Hospital Care Programme. If you have any questions about what we do at HYMS, please get in touch!

I am also the site Admin and Technical support and am responsible for the oversight and management of the programme’s website. I’m here to answer any questions and resolve any issues, both for PCP members and for anyone else who visits the site and provide technical support to the rest of the committee and programme, including developing new initiatives to compliment the programme.


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