Lincolnshire Integrated Voluntary Emergency Service (LIVES)

Intermediate Responders

The intermediate responder course is offered to experienced first responders in their 3rd year MBBS and begins to train you in the management of traumatic emergencies. The course incorporates training in a number of additional practical skills, paediatric emergencies and includes:

  • Scene assessment
  • Enhanced airway management
  • C-spine stabilisation
  • Bag valve mask ventilation
  • Wound management
  • Burns & Scalds
  • Fractures
  • Soft tissue trauma
  • Paediatric emergencies
  • Paediatric basic life support

Duration: 3 days

Qualification: LIVES Level 3 Responder, Edexcel/IHCD First Person on Scene (Intermediate)

Assessment: Practical scenario and MCQ paper



Enhanced Intermediate Responders

The enhanced intermediate responder training is offered to highly experienced and proficient intermediate responders. This course, through intensive high fidelity simulation training, workshops and practical skills stations aims to train you in the management of the rare but important life threatening medical and traumatic emergencies. It also includes a wide variety of additional skills and a significantly increased depth of understanding of issues covered on previous courses. It includes:

  • Enhanced patient assessment
  • C-spine immobilisation devices
  • Haemorrhage control
  • Drug administration under Patient Group Directives (PGDs)
  • Use of Entonox®

Duration: 3 days

Qualification: LIVES Level 4 First Responder

Assessment: Continuous practical assessment, General MCQ, Entonox MCQ, Drugs/PGDs written examination.

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