September Case-based discussion: COVID-19 Response Team

During our September case-based discussion, we heard from the Community First Responders (CFRs) who were working in the past few months throughout the COVID pandemic. Kieron Brand and Cameron Hoyle talked us through their case attending a cardiac arrest, and they highlighted the importance of debriefing after such an event, and how crucial it was to stay calm. Erin McCabe and Hannah Symcox discussed attending an elderly patient who had fallen at home, and in particular how they managed other people around the scene, and how they put the patient at ease. This was followed by a Panel discussion with all the members of the Response team discussing their experience of responding during a pandemic. They all seemed to take a lot away from the experience, especially being able to work longer hours than normal, and many found it was rewarding to be helping out during the pandemic. A massive well done to everyone who volunteered, and also to those presenting in this CBD!


Written by: Anna Green
Academic Forum Co-ordinator Hull 2020/21


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